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Characterisation and Modelling

Focus Areas:

  • Real time photoemission
  • Optical luminescence
  • Elastic and inelastic X-ray and neutron scattering
  • X-ray and optical imaging
  • Computer simulation and visualisation

A broad swathe of characterisation, measurement and modelling facilities are available through researchers in CAFMaD:

  • The standard chemistry techniques of mass spectroscopy, chromatography, X-ray diffraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance are complemented with a wide range of optical techniques covering wavelengths from the Infra-red to the Ultra-violet.
  • Thin film characterisation is catered for using both optical techniques such as Raman spectroscopy and ellipsometry as well as optical and electron microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy.

Many of these facilities have been enhanced and extended by researchers within CAFMaD to offer unique measurement techniques, in particular the in-situ study of processes as they occur.

UHV chamber for real time x-ray photoemission spectroscopy for in-situ characterisation of thin-films.

In addition to the in-house facilities, researchers in CAFMaD have considerable expertise in the use of large scale national facilities for the study of materials using such techniques as x-ray and neutron scattering and advanced x-ray techniques.

The measurement and characterisation instrumentation complemented by extensive computational and modelling facilities. Immersive 3D visualisation permits researchers to combine their knowledge and expertise with experimental results to derive accurate models of the complex processes taking place within target materials.

Team Leaders: Professor Andy Evans; Dr Greg Chass

Members: Dr Simon Cox; Dr Edwin Flikkema; Professor Neville Greaves; Mr Matt Gunn; Dr Tudor Jenkins; Dr Florian Kargl; Dr Dave Langstaff;Dr Nigel Poolton; Dr Rudi Winter; Dr Martin Wilding; Dr Peter Holliman; Dr Keith HughesDr Lorrie Murphy; Professor Ron Pethig;   Mr Denis Williams.

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