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CAFMaD Links

CAFMaD incorporates Academics and Researchers from:

Institute of Mathematics and Physics (IMAPS) at Aberystwyth University

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • The Welsh Visualisation Centre, state-of-the-art virtual reality technology

Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University

College of Physical and Applied Sciences (CoPAS) at Bangor University

CAFMaD works closely with a number of other organisations who collaborate in its projects, or offer it advice.

  • OPTOmism is the premier event that explores green opportunities in optoelectronics and addresses the growing and critical role of optics and photonics in global efforts to "live green."
  • Optoelectronics industry development association. The Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) is a Washington DC-based, not-for-profit association that serves as the nexus for vision, transformation, and growth of the optoelectronics industry. OIDA advances the competitiveness of its members by focusing on the business of technology, not just technology itself.OIDA members include the leading providers of optoelectronic components and systems enabled by optoelectronics, as well as universities and research institutions. OIDA provides roadmaps, reports, and market data for the optoelectronics industry, serves as the voice of industry to government and academia, acts as liaison with other optoelectronic industry associations worldwide, and provides a network for the exchange of ideas and information within the optoelectronics community.
  • Welsh Optoelectronics Forum. The Forum is a consortium of Welsh companies, University research groups, users and support organisations, formed following the impetus of activities in North Wales, and is dedicated to the development and profitability of the optoelectronics sector in Wales and internationally. Optoelectronics is all around and part of everyone's daily life, and probably those who will gain most from the Forum are the people and companies for whom the technology currently forms a small part of their work.


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