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Welcome to CAFMaD

The Centre for Advanced Functional Materials and Devices (CAFMaD) was established in September 2006 as a joint research venture between Aberystwyth University and Bangor University. This is part of an £11M Higher Education Council for Wales (HEFCW) funded Reconfiguration & Collaboration Project. CAFMaD has been awarded  £2.9M of funding for the first five years of operation with the aim of developing a world class programme of science and engineering in Wales. Find out more about the Research Enterprise Partnership...

The Centre’s members are  brought together from the Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (IMAPS) at Aberystwyth University and the School of Chemistry and School of Electronics at Bangor University.

Research Areas

The expertise and facilities within CAFMaD have been streamed into four broad research areas:

It is intended that this research will be underpinned by leading edge characterisation and modelling methods. Further details are available via the Research Strands link on the left.

World Leading Research

Extreme Materials - 'Detection of First Order Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions in Yttrium Oxide - Aluminium Oxide melts', led by Professor Neville greaves and published in Science in 2008, and reviewed in Nature by Materials.

Single Molecule Shottkey Diode synthesised at Bangor University led by Professor Geoff Ashwell. In 2008 Professor Ashwell's team had a breakthrough in molecular rectification with a 1000 fold increase in the single molecule rectification ratio.

Organic Electronic Accumulation/Depletion Stress, Professor Martin Taylor.

Real Timing Characterising of organic think films, Professor Andy Evans First 3D images published of the sun. Courtesy of STEREO/EUVI consortium, Solar systems group at Aberystwyth University, See3D Visualisation centre


Part of the funding has enabled the recruitment of ten new staff in CAFMaD. The recruitment process had filled vacancies for 3 Professors, a Senior Experimental Officer, 4 research lecturers and two Research Technicians. Details of CAFMaD members, their research interests and contact details can be found via the CAFMaD member’s link on the left. Other Academic expertise can also be drawn upon from the broader research teams in IMAPS and the Bangor Schools.

Centre Activity

In the 2006-2007 year, CAFMaD achieved the following:

  • Joint Research Grant Applications of £4M
  • Overall Research Grant capture across CAFMaD’s research areas £2M
  • Joint Aberystwyth and Bangor University Research Grant Capture of approximately £1M
  • International Workshops including industry involvement
  • International Journal Publications
  • International Conference representation
  • Joint Research Seminars which have included international visitors and exchange with Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland and Singapore.
  • Laboratory refurbishment at both Universities with a view to establishing a Materials Characterisation Facility for the Centre.

Industry Collaboration

CAFMaD is seeking industry customers and partners in areas that include:

  • Technology transition
  • Materials Testing
  • Research Council Project Funding Collaboration


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